you No longerNeed to choose between comfort and style

The essence of COUCOUL lies in fostering an inspiring lifestyle and treasured moments with family.

It all started with a straightforward question:
Why is it so challenging to find the perfect towel for myself and my family?

  • Background story

    As a lover of fashion (and anything that's well-designed) with a job that requires a great amount of creativity and curiosity, I enjoy surrounding myself with things that are inspiring. As a wife, mother, daughter and friend to my family, I love to find them things with the best quality and comfort.

  • It’s not easy to find a towel that combines what my family and I want. There are a handful of options, but we could never quite find that right balance between design, quality, thickness, softness etc. Instead of continuing my search, I decide to create one with everything we love — thus, COUCOUL was born.

made in portugalSimply the best

COUCOUL towels are meticulously crafted in Portugal, a country renowned for its skilled craftsmen who excel in creating exceptional towels. Portugal boasts the world's strongest and most advanced textile industry, ensuring the production of top-quality towels.

Luxurious whilst durable — simply the best.

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