comforteach towel is a work of art from an experienced craftsman

Luxuriate in a unique experience; a feeling of softness and thickness, that still retains the core functions of a towel — absorbent and easy to dry.

It's always a challenge trying to balance the lavish and practical features of a towel; our towels have achieved that equilibrium for a truly indulgent experience.

Colour PowerWhy Settle for Ordinary?

When was the last time you genuinely saw a colour? Felt a colour’s beauty, its presence, its power...

Kids like to ask: What’s your favourite colour?

Their souls are still curious and sensitive to the world.


Don’t become accustomed to the norm, don’t settle for ordinary.

Harmonious, graceful, muted and natural color is the soul of COUCOUL

Be genuine, be yourself.

Our storyBehind Coucoul

It all started with the need to create a towel that rested on the point of balance between comfort, practicality and luxury.

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